“I’ve been in corporate IT for more than 35 years, in roles ranging from development to sales & marketing and I have come to rely on Cathy Streiner’s expert writing skills.  A consummate professional, Cathy is very engaging and able to quickly assess exceedingly complex information from me and my team, transforming it into clear, compelling language for correct market positioning in our target markets.

“She is very effective in group situations where experts from various disciplines need to pool ideas and provide content – guiding discussions to efficiently arrive at the correct messaging, while saving valuable time for my team.

“While her technical skills are excellent, I find her commitment to any given project far more valuable.  She routinely has to start with minimal information, but takes the direction given and consistently delivers excellent results – the first drafts often being very close to the final product.

“Bottom line, she is a valued member of the team.”

Todd Wiegand
Vice President, Application Development, Apptricity Corporation

“Business success often requires the work of a seasoned writer, so we’re pleased to have Cathy Streiner as a valued contributor to the VUE Software team. Cathy is our go-to writer/editor, developing a wide range of materials from marketing copy to product documentation on a freelance basis. An excellent team player, she’s quick to understand our requirements as well as the needs of our audiences. She’s diligent in her work and we can count on her to always go the extra mile to help ensure our success.”

Joseph Westlake
Vice President, VUE Software®

“Cathy Streiner at Corporate Pen has written numerous case studies for me, and they’re extremely effective for marketing. My company published a recent case study that was no exception. The client Cathy interviewed provided incredible ROI, and she articulated it perfectly. I started having her write our press releases, too. They’re spot on, focusing on the news and providing the right level of detail. In addition, Cathy builds trusting, professional relationships with our clients that enhance the strong client/vendor relationships our company has developed. I trust her to contact our clients directly, and she represents us very well.”

Diane Mitchell
Vice President, Marketing & Product Management, Apptricity Corporation

“Cathy quickly understood what we needed in a promotional flyer, mailer and ad. She gave creative suggestions and had everything complete and ready to go on time. Using those materials, we maxxed out our target market amazingly fast.”

Blake Jesko
VP of Marketing, Ace Mobile Wash

“I have worked with Cathy Streiner over the past four years on a number of projects. Everything from book chapters to white papers to articles in magazines and periodicals. Cathy is amazing at turning my thoughts and ideas not only into very readable text – but in words that convey my personality!!! I’ve never found another writer that does this as well. She is a delight to work with – timely and dedicated. I would recommend her with absolutely no hesitation!!!”

Row Henson
HCM Fellow, Oracle

(Ms. Henson received writing services from Corporate Pen while with PeopleSoft and with Oracle.)

“Patterson & Associates has relied on Cathy’s expertise since 2004. She’s edited materials such as press releases, written web content and turned out a stellar whitepaper.  Cathy consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence—and she often beats deadlines, even when time is of the essence. We truly benefit from this ongoing business relationship.”

Barbara Stewart
Principal, Patterson & Associates

“I have worked with Cathy Streiner for a decade, as a colleague and as a client. I turn to Cathy when I need strong, clear, and powerful writing about subjects that would stump and stymie someone with less talent, less diligence, less insight, and less patience with the thorniest subject matter. I am a writer myself – a stickler for the right words, the right thoughts, and the right structure for written materials. I have never been disappointed.”

Bill Mandel
Senior Vice President, Fleishman-Hillard International Communications

“I’ve worked with Cathy on several projects, from technical white papers to a business-oriented executive brief. She is proficient, fast, easy to work with, and always produces great results on time. One recent project was recognized for writing excellence by an independent agency as well!”

Greg Wynne
Director, Solutions Marketing, SAP® Analytics at SAP

(Mr. Wynne received writing services from Corporate Pen in his earlier directorships at PeopleSoft and Callidus Software.)

“Cathy Streiner did a great job on BREAKIRON Animation&Design’s first press release in 2002. Since then, the ongoing business relationship with Corporate Pen has helped put BREAKIRON in the spotlight a number of times over the years. Cathy’s recent work on our new website launch has helped emphasize and strengthen the BREAKIRON company image, complete with the language and writing style that fits BREAKIRON. Cathy used her expertise to help provide direction for planning the site and its development so the content and design worked together.”

Charlie Breakiron
Owner, BREAKIRON Animation&Design

“Imagine that you had the rare occurrence to work with a gifted writer who would not only take the time to understand the needs of your client, product, service or business, but who could actually write words that reflect a deep understanding of their process and communicate that understanding effectively and efficiently.  Cathy is just that writer.”

Bob McCarroll
Creative Director, McCarroll Creative

The following are comments from the results of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) competition conducted by the STC Suncoast Chapter in late 2011:

From the consensus judging: “The writer covered the subject in a clear and articulate manner, coming up with a deliverable that should be very effective in educating its target audience.”

Judge #A-1: “The writing is appropriate for the audience. The author made the issues surrounding the legislation easy to understand, even for someone not familiar with the requirements. The overall flow makes sense. The sales aspects are well integrated with the informational ones. The language is lively and enhances what could be a rather dry topic. I found no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors, which is very commendable. The author includes references and a testimonial to support the material.”

Judge #A-2: “You have written a most impressive paper, nearly flawless, and you are to be commended. In a succinct yet comprehensive way, your message shines through. Congratulations on a very fine piece of writing . . .”

Judge #A-3: “With the exception of one extremely small error, and even that one is questionable (and thus, not worth mentioning), this is the only ‘grammar-perfect’ document I’ve ever seen in my many years of judging contest entries. I found no errors in spelling, grammar, or usage. All acronyms are defined when they first appear. The author flows the text smoothly from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph. There is obviously a well educated writer at work here.”

“Cathy has written numerous press releases for me each worded to perfection. She understood my ramblings, cut through the fat and presented a well crafted concise document that was easy to read no matter the level of expertise. As well, she has an excellent record for placing the written material for maximum exposure. I am still finding places online where my releases have run. I will continue to call on Cathy for any future writing needs.”

Charlie Breakiron
Owner, BREAKIRON Animation&Design