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Now your ideas can rapidly emerge as tangible, effective text. Copywriting, copyediting and training services help ensure that your written communication brings the results you seek — while simultaneously reinforcing your brand and company image. Your Corporate Pen copywriter, Cathy Streiner, offers the following services. Sample projects are available on the Samples page or on request.

Further the success of your business with one-time or ongoing writing services from a professional with more than a decade of experience.

Let a skilled copyeditor examine your content prior to distribution, or use editing services to revise and repurpose existing information.

You or a writer in your organization can learn from a seasoned professional. For a dual benefit, combine training with a writing project.

From executive-driven high-tech materials to manuals, brochures and press releases, Corporate Pen helps you achieve the communication so critical for reaching your internal, client and public audiences. Your public relations (PR) team can also benefit from receiving client-centric articles, papers and case studies to pitch to the media. When you know the results you want but don’t have the right words, contact Corporate Pen.

Do you or others in your company have knowledge and innovative ideas but no time for writing? Don’t hesitate to bring your concept to Corporate Pen. You’ll be surprised how quickly an experienced writer can help you accomplish your goals and put your ideas to work for you.

Technical materials, such as manuals and installation guides, involve the art of formal technical writing. Promotional materials use marketing language to influence decision-makers. Combining the technical and promotional results in technically accurate material that both influences and instructs your audience as needed. Corporate Pen provides all three types corporate communication: technical writing, promotional writing and a combination of both, which is known as high-tech PR writing.

If you have a public relations (PR) firm or department, use Corporate Pen’s familiarity with PR processes, rules and requirements to your advantage. Cathy Streiner understands the importance of smoothly coordinating projects, people and deadlines — as well as meeting client requirements. She has experience as a direct employee of a PR firm. PR firms have also been among her clients.

If you don’t currently use PR services, Cathy might have suggestions to help improve your chances of success when promoting your organization. In certain cases, she can also pitch your news to the media. Pitching (contacting media to gain publicity for your company) may result in anything from a televised interview to a magazine article. For example, HydroDog™, a start-up company marketing a canine electrolyte drink, received television spots as a result of pitching by Corporate Pen. Similarly, BREAKIRON Animation&Design had a write-up in The Business Journal of Phoenix.

An objective third-party evaluation often exposes errors or problems. That’s why copyediting is so valuable. Here are two main areas where editing plays an important role:

Repurposed information: Sometimes revising existing text is more efficient and less expensive than creating new content from scratch. This depends on the modifications you need. Corporate Pen is pleased to provide editing services that cover the way information is organized, changes in products or services, changes in messaging or positioning, grammar, punctuation and so on.

Final polish: Before it is printed, published or distributed, text should have a final review from an editor for grammar, punctuation and layout. Business communication always benefits from a “second set of eyes.”

In addition to the above services, Corporate Pen offers writing, editing and coaching assistance for book authors. Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, in the planning phase or final stages, find out how Corporate Pen can help.


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