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Expert writing and editing skills are now at your fingertips.

This section describes various types of business writing and provides samples. If your business need does not fit one of the categories below, likely Corporate Pen can still develop what you have in mind.

Before adding a creative flair, Corporate Pen will work with you to make sure all the critical promotional information goes into your ad or advertising copy.

Abstracts for articles or white papers provide a short synopsis for rapid understanding of what the article or paper contains. Speaker abstracts, such as the slick for comedian Keith Curtis, provide an at-a-glance picture of a speaker’s capabilities.

When published or distributed to your target audience, articles are significant sources of publicity. They can either be ghostwritten or bylined by Cathy Streiner. A ghostwritten article conveys the expertise of your executive(s) or high-level authority while saving time for busy upper management. Cathy ghostwrote numerous articles for PeopleSoft executives prior to PeopleSoft becoming part of Oracle® Corporation. Some of these are award-winners. For samples of articles bylined by Cathy Streiner, please see the article on specialty benefits and the article promoting Hydro Dog™, a canine electrolyte drink. The specialty benefits article is provided courtesy of Benefits & Compensations Solutions magazine and FieldMedia, LLC.

Effective as mailers, hand-outs, sales pieces and more, brochures give you a tangible means to convey your message. You select the style, tone and illustrations that best serve your needs. Corporate Pen can write your brochure content or write and create your entire brochure from start to finish as seen in the tri-fold brochure for BK Plumbing Services.

These give your customers and prospects a concise view of an aspect of your business or a specific product or service. For example, Corporate Pen wrote content for a company overview and an offshore communication piece for UBICS®, Inc.

Have Corporate Pen write or edit your business report or annual report so it is organized, clear and concise. A report should present the facts appropriately, present compelling, audience-specific details and integrate any supporting illustrations.

A case study is best positioned as a success story promoting your company. Case studies describe, in industry-appropriate language, an instance(s) in which your customer successfully implemented and leveraged your product or service. Useful for sales and promotional leave-behinds as well as website content, case studies can range from less than 500 words to 3,000 words or more. The RewardsPlus case study, written for Benefits & Compensations Solutions magazine and FieldMedia, LLC, is an example of a study positioned as an e-advertorial. Two examples of lengthier, more comprehensive case studies are the Sybase Brewster Transportation and Tours case study and the Sybase Energy Services Group case study. Corporate Pen can even pitch your case study to a publication. For more case studies, see the Awards page.

Are you sending letters or e-mails for promotions, customer correspondence or employee communications? Critical or sensitive communication requires the right words, as does correspondence sent to large groups of people. Corporate Pen can interview you and write your promotional letter to prospects, customer letter or employee correspondence so it provides the right information in the right way. If your draft is already started, let Corporate Pen add the final touch by proofing what you’ve written and making suggestions for polishing.

An executive biography (executive bio) is often a short, 50- to 150-word snapshot of an executive’s background. In addition to writing shorter bios, Corporate Pen has developed full-page executive bios such as those written for Jeffrey Cooper and Robert Murphy of Cooper Aerial Surveys Co.

Are you promoting a product, service, event or special offer? Corporate Pen can create a flyer for you from scratch or edit and polish an existing flyer. Sample flyers are available on request.

Talk to Corporate Pen about collaborating with your subject-matter experts to develop training manuals, user guides and more.

Press kits contain documents chosen for specific public relations (PR) events. Choose from the following items for your press kit:
Case studies
Corporate backgrounder
Corporate biography
Data sheets
Event announcements
Executive biographies
Fact sheet
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Press releases
Reprints of past articles
White papers

A press release conveys news about your company to your target audience and secondary audiences. The BREAKIRON Animation&Design press release is a good example, and other samples are available on request. Be sure to ask Corporate Pen about wiring, pitching and other distribution options.

Are you looking for fresh, compelling website content or seeking to revise existing content? Are you leveraging effective search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to boost your site’s ranking on relevant Web searches? Corporate Pen can provide language and positioning to convey your message, reinforce your company image, improve brand recognition and help prospects find you online.

You choose the tone and style that suit your business. For example, Corporate Pen developed the original content for, which has a semi-formal, friendly tone.

Organizations publish white papers to provide in-depth information about products and services and/or to demonstrate thought leadership and subject-matter expertise. A white paper can be technical, promotional or a combination of both. The paper should be able to stand on its own, often on a website or in hardcopy for sales distribution or other purposes. The Oracle® Corporation white paper Integrated Talent Management: Extending the Value of a Strategic Framework is a good example. Moving Forward with .NET Web Services, The Scalable Foundation for Collaboration, developed for UBICS, is another. Prior to its acquisition by IBM® Corporation, Collation, Inc., had Corporate Pen develop the white paper 20/20 Vision: Management Challenges for N-Tier Application Infrastructures (available on request). For even more white papers, please see the Awards section.

Choose from corporate backgrounders, corporate biographies, corporate video scripts, customer reference sheets, datasheets, event announcements, fact sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQs), instructional CDs and even more.




Formatted samples are posted with client or publication permission.

Some samples are not available for confidentiality reasons.