More than a decade of service

Corporate Pen LLC is a professional writing services company that provides customized writing and editing services on a project-by-project or short-term basis. Clients include large corporations, mid-sized organizations, start-ups, small businesses and individuals.

Technology enables Corporate Pen to serve clients around the globe. Established in May 2001, Corporate Pen has worked with customers from New York to California, as well as contacts in India, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. Whether they receive services remotely or on-site, clients always get individualized attention with a dedicated focus on achieving their goals.


The mission of Corporate Pen is to meet and exceed clients’ needs for written material throughout the writing and/or editing process, starting with an intake phase and carrying through to final approval. Corporate Pen leverages client-supplied information, writing talent, innovation and knowledge gained from experience to further customers’ success.


Cathy Streiner is your writer and editor at Corporate Pen. She has more than 15 years experience using the written word to help make organizations and individuals shine. Cathy's past employers and/or clients include IBM® Corporation; Oracle® Corporation; PeopleSoft (prior to becoming part of Oracle); Callidus Software® Inc.; Rockwell Automation®, Inc.; UBICS®, Inc.; Patterson & Associates; Pleinbridge Consulting Group; Business Leadership Development Corporation; DS Griffen & Associates; and many, many others. A number of the companies listed here are clients featured in the Awards section. For a resume or any other details regarding writing credentials and experience, simply send your request by e-mail.


Cathy Streiner has been a member of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) since 1995.

Special Message to Corporate Pen Clients

I want to personally thank everyone I serve. I enjoy helping advance your success. I’m encouraged by your eagerness to pursue excellence and seek a high-quality product. The professionalism we share has been enhanced by your kindness. Kudos to you! As we all continue to "keep up the good work," may your leisure time also be filled with the best life has to offer.

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Corporate Pen is a limited liability company (LLC).